The Barcelona Academy of Art opened in September 2013 and aims at teaching drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art using a full curriculum and teaching methods derived from classical-realist tradition. Its methodology originated in the Renaissance and was revived by the major academic Ateliers of the late nineteenth century (especially by great painters such as Jean-Léon Gérôme, Léon Bonnat and Carolus-Duran).

In the Barcelona Academy of Art we consider the classic academic approach not as an end but as a tool that students can use to build their own personality and artistic language.

The training program at the Barcelona Academy of Art offers regular courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art, which are complemented by workshops, seminars and special courses (Easter and Summer). These provide students with an intensive learning of methods, procedures and techniques from the best professional artists.

The specificity of the curriculum of the Barcelona Academy of Art attracts students from around the world. International students represent 65% of total enrollment, while 75% of the teaching staff are foreign. As an international school, English is the primary language of instruction. Local teachers also speak Spanish and Catalan.


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