Intensive program

Common to all disciplines at the school, drawing is the backbone of the learning process at the Barcelona Academy of Art. The sculpture program is based on modeling with clay and includes life drawing sessions as a fundamental part of the program, since sculpture is drawing in space.

Intensive programs offer three hours devoted to the exercises of Cast/Still-Life and 3+2 hours devoted to the study of the Human FigureThis is complemented by theory lessons and Modern Drawing sessions, reinforcing our philosophy to enrich the knowledge of the technique with more experimental classes.


The intensive program is the sum of the Cast/Still-Life + Human Figure part-time programs. It consists of 6/8 daily hours of supervised study.

All our programs are made up of a series of exercises that students work at their own pace. Each day a different teacher approaches each student’s workspace and offers him/her a critique of his work, which will indicate all those things to correct/enhance/improve in the exercise. Only when the outcome is perfect according to the objectives to be achieved at each stage, the student may start the next exercise, which will always be a bit more complex than the previous one. Thus, the student will progress to complete all the exercises the program s/he is following.

Final Critique: At the end of each period, students receive individual and personalized critics by all his/her instructors. There five areas to be valued:

  • attendance
  • performance
  • effort
  • attitude
  • progress

Study period

The time that each student needs to complete each exercise, and thus to end a program, is totally individual, and may be different from student to the other. The standard time an intensive program student employs to complete the program is usually 9 months (the equivalent to one academic year).

In the Barcelona Academy of Art we divide each academic year into three periods (or terms) of 11 weeks each. This is our school calendar.


Registrations are open through the year, and we admit new students at the beginning of each period. Depending on the term in which students want to join, there are registration deadlines. See school calendar.

The minimum registration time is always of a term, and from there, students can expand their study period.

Scholarships and grants

Students in the intensive program are eligible to obtain one of the scholarships offered by the Barcelona Academy of Art. The application forms are sent at the end of each academic year (June) and must be requested by email to The scholarships are assigned before the start of each next academic year (October).

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Intensive program




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