Depending on the student’s level in drawing, the 2nd year and beyond shall focus on painting. Painting is the natural follow-up to mass drawing training learned in the 1st year, with the addition of temperature and color.

Working from the model and perishable still life, students complete a series of exercises focused on color mixing. Initially using a limited grisaille palette and progressively increasing the number of colors enables the student to become more aware of the interaction and distribution of colors on the palette.

Students will learn to capture and appreciate the impression and the whole statement of color values connected to a scene they may be painting, whether it is a figure, still life or portrait, where each value is linked to the whole.


  • Achieve keen observation skills.
  • Learn analytical drawing.
  • Learn about shade and saturation in relation to color theory and tone.
  • Learn about color pigments and their combinations.
  • Master expressive tools in order to convey what we want.
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Monday to Thursday, 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. Taditional 19th Century Program
Fridays: MORNINGS: 10am to 1pm_Concept Art (Fall) | Composition & Abstraction (Winter) | Landscape (Spring) || AFTERNOONS: 2-5pm_Light & Form (Fall) | Constructive Drawing (Winter) | Extra-Academic Portrait (Spring)
*Students have 1 compulsory Short Pose session in the evenings, from 6 to 8pm. This session will be determined in their place confirmation email. The rest of evening sessions are of optional attendance [OP].

* [OP] classes are non-preferent, and therefore, they are subject to availability.

Teaching hours
3 months 6 months 9 months
Teaching hours 420h 840h 1260h
Price 2.640€ 5.280€ 7.000€


From 10 July 2018, our prices will change to:

3 months 6 months 9 months
352h [+88h OP] 704h [+176h OP] 1056h [+264h OP]
2.900€ 5.800€ 7.990€

Painting is the natural continuation of drawing, without forgetting the theory and knowledge already learned.

Only students who are really proficient at drawing will be able to move towards color painting.

Oil painting is one of the most comprehensive mediums in artistic and plastic representation. It has a wide spectrum of uses, working from a liquid and transparent form to a more dense one. There is no technique with a wider range of values and colors. This is true for every traditional, modern and digital painting technique.

The artist is a person who is able to express, through a medium he/she knows, an idea or a concept. Drawing is to painting, like anatomy to surgery.


Students initially begin with a grisaille palette and soon they progress into working with the traditional limited color palette and later a fully personalized palette fitting each student’s needs.

By following this program, students will familiarize themselves with a technical medium in order to represent in a more expressive and artistic way what they see and feel. They will know and master the color technique, as we have seen, shared by all artistic, digital and photographic techniques. Concepts such as temperature, shade and saturation will be added. Students will be in control of their personal and artistic growth.

  • Intensive programs students may join the course at the beginning of a period [September-January-March]. See school calendar.
  • Applications are only accepted online [forms on the websites of each course] or filling out the form at the Academy.
  • Places will be assigned following a strict order of received applications.
  • When the groups are full, extra applications received will be part of the reservation list.
  • Maximum period for submission of applications:

Fall term: July 31
Winter term: November 31
Spring term: February 28

  • Once admitted the student will be asked to confirm his/her place with a non-refundable deposit (by bank transfer) which corresponds to 10 % of the total fee of his/her course.
  • The remaining tuition fee will be paid on the dates indicated in the confirmation e-mail.
  • Failure to pay the non-refundable deposit will automatically leave the place available for a student in the reservation list.

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