Part-time program

Subject to availability, the Barcelona Academy of Art offers students the option to work the same content of the intensive program in a non-intensive modality.

Due to the flexible nature of the school’s atelier system, students of full-time and part-time program can study together, as well as students of different levels can learn with the full time students, while keeping a personalized atmosphere.

Being a part-time student  implies that you will work the same exercises that intensive course students, but you will be able to design your own program depending on your availability and financial situation.


  • The availability of places is limited and the days chosen by each student must be fixed in the registration form.
  • No flexibility allowed after the term has begun. Missing classes cannot be made up (except absences due to extreme cases).
  • Part-time students shall choose:

the exercise they want to work: Cast/Still-Life, Human Figure: Long Pose or Pencil Drawings, or choose a combination of all the exercises.

the days of the week they want to book: Cast/Still-Life: from 1-4 days /week | Long Pose: 2 or 4 days/week | Pencil Drawings: 1 to 5 days/week

the duration of their studies: minimum time of registration = 1 quarter [3 months].

  • Part-time student can add Seminars to their program.

Available courses

Part-time program

XIX Century Program


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