Art History

The subject of Art History objectively examines the works of art by different authors over time, resulting in the observation of the distinctive and influential characteristics of each period. It is a journey that will cover up to the twentieth century by means of those artists who stand out as revolutionaries in a small or smaller scale in a particular time in history.


  1. Classic art and Classicism. Canon and prestige in the western tradition.
  2. Middle Ages and Renaissance. First European styles.
  3. Advances in treatment of light and realistic devices. The example of Velazquez.
  4. XVIII century. Rococo and Neoclassic art.
  5. Romantic art. The rise of subjectivism.
  6. Realism in half XIX century.
  7. The revolution of light atmosphere and colour. The painters of the modern life.
  8. Divisionism and symbolism of colour. Paul Gauguin.
  9. Van Gogh as pioneer of expressionism. The discovery of rhythm in drawing and painting.
  10. Cézanne. The reconstruction of form and structure.
  11. Fauvism
  12. Expresionism
  13. Cubism
  14. Futurism
  15. Russian avant-gardes
  16. Dada and Surrealism
  17. Abstract expressionism. Action painting.
  18. Realistic styles in the XX century
  19. Visit to the modern halls of MNAC

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