Landscape painting


The course focuses on the construction process of a landscape using oil painting. This process, combined with different methods of observation allows us to be careful with the composition, perspective, color application, etc. to capture the essence of nature.


  • Maximum of 20 students.
  • Places will be assigned in strict order of received applications.
  • Schedule
  • Tutor
  • Materials
  • Price
  • Registrations
  • Spring Term: 9 April to 22 June 2018

Fridays 10am to 2pm

Jow Altwer

Jow Altwer

A complete list of materials will be provided by email to all those students registered on the course.

Spring period


  • Applications are only accepted online [forms on the websites of each course] or filling out the form at the Academy.
  • Places will be assigned following a strict order of received applications.
  • When the groups are full, extra applications received will be part of the reservation list.

Payment method

  • Once admitted students will be asked to confirm their place with a non-refundable deposit (by bank transfer) which corresponds to 10 % of the total fee of their course.
  • The remaining tuition fee will be paid on the dates indicated in the confirmation e-mail.
  • Failure to pay the non-refundable deposit will automatically leave the place available for a student in the reservation list.

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