You need to place nerves and muscles on their own places, and then dress them with their skin. Some may wonder why I have said elsewhere that the painter is only interested on what s/he sees, but not what it is hidden? There is no doubt that it is so; but also to make a dressed figure, one must first draw the nude, and then put on the clothes arranged to the different body members; so also for painting a nude, one must place first the bones and muscles in their proper places, and then cover them with flesh, so you always know their real location.

León Baptista Alberti, “Trattato della pittura” [Translated to Tuscan from the original by the same author  “De Pictura” (1435)]

Anatomy has been studied by art students as well as by medical students, surgeons, natural philosophers, bio-engineers, and others.

An écorché is a figure drawing, painting or sculpture exercise that shows the muscles of the body with the skin and subcutaneous fat removed so the muscle and skeletal systems are visible. The term came into usage at the French Academies of the 19th century.

As a method of anatomical study, écorché sculpture involves a constructive approach to building the figure by sculpting the bones and overlying muscles layer by layer, working up to the surface forms. This allows the artist to gain a deeper level of insight into how bone, muscle, and fat combine to create the human form.


  • Achieve an excellent level of understanding of how bone, muscle and fat combine to create the human form.


  • A minimum of 8 students are required to complete this workshop.
  • Maximum of 15 students.
  • Places will be assigned by rigorous order of registration.
  • Schedule
  • Teacher
  • Materials
  • Price
  • Registrations

9 to 20 July 2018.
9:30am to 3pm.


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The Barcelona Academy of Art provides the base and metal structure, wires and modeling paste to perform the exercise.

Teaching hours:



800 €

The price includes:

  • Base and metal armor
  • wire
  • Special clay for modeling

The student must provide his own modeling tools. See section Materials for more information.

The student can keep the exercise at the end of the course.


  • Applications are only accepted online [forms on the websites of each course] or filling out the form at the Academy.
  • Places will be assigned following a strict order of received applications.
  • When the groups are full, extra applications received will be part of the reservation list.

Payment method

  • Once the student has been admitted, the place will be confirmed via email together with all the information about payment fees and deadlines.
  • In case of not paying the amount defined on the dates specified in the confirmation email, the place will be automatically available for a student booking.

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