Photography for artists

Digital images are undoubtedly a necessary and inseparable element for any artist who wants to promote his/her work. Images transmits the essence of the art of each one and supports the effort of visibility and projection of each artwork.

In this workshop we will learn the mechanisms that will allow us to depict a work of art without distorting its original characteristics while respecting the original work.


  • Obtain a visual element respectful of the philosophy and sensitivity of the artist’s work.


  • A minimum of 8 students are required to complete this workshop.
  • The places will be assigned by rigorous order of received applications.
  • Maximum of 15 students.
  • Schedule
  • Teacher
  • Materials
  • Price
  • Registrations

24-28 July, 2017
9:30am to 3pm

Born in Barcelona in 1984, Alba García Fijo studied History of Art at the University of Barcelona and at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid where she had the opportunity to attend the classes of the best specialists, theorists and historians in Spain.
After working in the field of Cultural Management, she studied Photography at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya where he became enthusiastic about the study of the History of Photography and Analog Photography. He has had the opportunity to work for several years with the renowned photographer Leopoldo Pomés, who became one of her great inspirations.
Her parallel vocation for teaching and education has led her to teach young people in the field of Humanities.
Currently working as a freelance photographer, in addition to continuing her personal projects in the field of analog photography. Since 2015 she has been teaching at the Barcelona Academy of Art teaching the subjects of Art History and Photography for artists.

  • Reflex camera with a minimum of 8 MPX
  • Laptop with Photoshop or digital retouching program.
  • Tripod (recommended)

Training hours





  • Applications are only accepted online [forms on the websites of each course] or filling out the form at the Academy.
  • Places will be assigned following a strict order of received applications.
  • When the groups are full, extra applications received will be part of the reservation list.

Payment method

  • Once the student has been admitted, the place will be confirmed via email together with all the information about payment fees and deadlines.
  • In case of not paying the amount defined on the dates specified in the confirmation email, the place will be automatically available for a student booking.

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