Sculpture with Grzegorz Gwiazda

Sculpture course from a life model, based on the figurative tradition of the great masters.

The course will focus on the construction process of the human figure in three dimensions with clay. This process, combined with different methods of observation allows us to be careful with the proportions, gesture, internal structure, and thus approach the maximum similarity and pattern expression to capture the essence of the person.


  • This workshop is for intermediate-advanced level students. However, beginners can access it and will perform the exercises according to their capabilities.
  • Due to the high demand and limited places, candidates must include in their application a dossier or a link to a website where we can see the work of each applicant, together with a brief résumé.

After the workshop, each student will be given a certificate of attendance signed by Grzegorz Gwiazda with the seal of the Barcelona Academy of Art.

Course structure

  • Brief introduction on twentieth century sculpture in Warsaw (Poland): my roots, influences and personal work.
  • Brief explanation of each activity: objectives of each task and core meaning of the course.
  • Exercises.


  • Abstract dynamic composition. Short lecture, projects and fast model exercise that helps to understand basic elements of sculpture like composition, rhythm, mass, direction of forms etc.
  • Head. Short opening lecture with few examples from the history of art to explain the relations between the forms that are combined in a head –in relation to basic knowledge gained during the previous exercise (abstract dynamic composition).*
  • Contrapposto. Balancing the figure with counter points –in relation to the basic knowledge gained during previous exercise (abstract dynamic composition).*
  • The walking man. Study of nature with elements of interpretation. Short lecture about the “walking man” motive in the history of art (Ancient Egipt, Greece, Rodin, Boccioni, Giacometti, Ryszka, Myjak). “The walking man” can be seen in different ways: as a metaphor of life, passing by, way of life, progress or just an excuse to search for dynamics in the composition, showing the movement, etc. Searching for the language.

* Depending on the level of each student, the teacher will invite him/her to perform one exercise or the other [portrait or figure in contrapposto].


  • A minimum of 8 students is required to run this workshop.
  • The maximum number of students is 20.
  • Places will be assigned in strict order of registration.


  • Student is able to recognize, make a project and create dynamic composition.
  • Student can communicate using specific terminology.
  • Student is able to make a sculpture that expresses his/her idea.
  • Student gains the ability to avoid obvious rhythms of forms in their sculptures (in general composition and on the surface of the sculpture).
  • Student becomes aware that studying the nature (a body) is studying the forms that remain in a specific relation. This idea allows him/her to be more creative and to choose and stress some elements of composition in order to make the sculpture stronger.
  • Student understands that making the sculpture is creating a “new being”, a new life which can’t be a mere copy of a model.
  • Student grows in the knowledge of the history of art. (S)he learns how to use the works of old masters as an inspiration for their own work.

The abstract dynamic exercise has the following objectives:

  • Break natural tendency of brain to repeat elements and prevent from making all of them similar.
  • Recognize a variety of elements while studying the nature.
  • Understand that studying the nature (a body) is studying the forms that remain in the specific relation. This idea allows students to be more creative, and to choose and stress some elements of the composition in order to make the sculpture stronger.


The workshop does not include the final piece (the student won’t be able to keep the exercise). Students will be allowed to take photographs thoughout the working process and the final result.

  • Schedule
  • Tutor
  • Materials
  • Price
  • Reservations

Monday 10 to Friday 14 and Monday 17 to Friday 21 July, 2017.
9:30am to 3pm.

Grzegorz Gwiazda

Grzegorz Gwiazda

More information

Clay and wood structures included in the price.

Complete list of tools needed to be confirmed.

Training hours





  • Applications will only be accepted online [forms available on the website of each course] or by filling out the form at the Academy.
  • Places will be assigned following a strict order of received applications.
  • When groups are complete, extra applications will be part of the reservation list.

Payment method

  • Once admitted, the student will receive an email to confirm the place. In this email, the administration team will include all the necessary information and instructions on payment dues.
  • If the student fails to pay the fee/s on the date/s specified in the confirmation email, the place will automatically be available for a student in the reservation list.

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