BAA Sarrià

Barcelona Academy of Art is 750 square meters, with a large area with natural light coming from the ceiling (ideal for understanding how light operates).

The building has two floors separated by some stairs.

First floor

At the entrance we find the offices and the gallery, which shows samples of drawings, paintings and sculptures by students and teachers. It is an exhibition space destined to the exhibition and sale of works, where visitors will be able to exchange views with the artists behind each work and meet their working space and tools.

The first floor includes spaces where each student shares a studio with other 2/3 people and which destined to perform the cast/still-life exercises of the drawing and painting programs.

Second floor

On the second floor there is the sculpture area, the two Model Room, the kitchen and a second area to work the Cast/Still-Life program. On this floor there is also a small courtyard where students can do their breaks outdoors.

The facilities host the Artistic Residency Program.

BAA Poblenou

BAA Poblenou_Barcelona Academy Of Art

BAA Poblenou is located in a 1000 m² building with natural light coming from the roof (ideal to understand its operation) distributed over two floors.

First Floor

The entrance is located in the Passatge Masoliver, 11. After the main door we access stairs leading directly to the main floor of the school. Once there, we found the gallery, dressed with samples of drawings, paintings and sculptures of students and teachers. It is an exhibition space for works, where visitors can also exchange views with the artists behind each work and know their space and tools of work.

From the entrance, to the left we find the information point, the communication office and the study of the director of the school, the painter Jordi Diaz Alamà. To the right is the sculpture studio, where students perform the exercises of this program.

BAA Poblenou_facilities

Following the main aisle, we discover on the right the studies of the students of the Program of Artistic Residence, delimited with panels of natural wood. On the left is the study area, dedicated to the exercises of the Still Life program, followed by the classroom where the theoretical classes are developed, and the two model rooms.

Second Floor

In the elevation of the room, which is accessed by stairs, is located on a first level, the teachers room. In the upper elevation, we present the kitchen, a common area that students use to store their materials and the Digital Art classroom.

BAA Poblenou_facilities 2

BAA Poblenou is the venue for the following courses:

  • Full Time (all itineraries)
  • Part Time (all itineraries)
  • Special Courses (Easter and Summer)
  • Weekend Courses

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