The Atelier Tradition

The Atelier tradition is a structured and systematic teaching method that is passed from teacher to student. It emerged around the 17th century and later became the most used method by master painters such as Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Lawrence and John Singer Sargent, among others.

In the re-activation of the atelier tradition, RH Ives Gammell (1893-1981) adopted the Sight-Size as the basis of his teaching. He founded his studio based in the ateliers of the masters Carolus-Duran and Léon Bonnat.


In the studios, students of different levels and with different backgrounds work together, and everyone learns at their own pace , while a tutor adapts his/her review to the progress of each student. It is a very effective way to accelerate the learning process and achieve excellent results in a short period of time.

The tasks are performed by the students through constructive method. That is, each exercise should be completely overcome and the student must demonstrate proficiency in all aspects learned during the making of it before moving forward (to a higher level exercise). It is essential for learning, the practice of drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art from life.

Following the example of other major studios and schools such as The Florence Academy of Art (Florence, Italy and Möndall, Sweden), Charles H. Cecil Studios (Florence, Italy), London Atelier of Representational Art [LARA] (London, United Kingdom), Angel Academy of Art (Florence, Italy), Russian Academy of Art (St. Petersburg, Russia and Florence, Italy), Grand Central Academy (New York, USA) or Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (Los Angeles, USA) among others, the Barcelona Academy of Art joins the task of recovering the atelier tradition  for the excellent training of contemporary figurative artists.


  • Retrieve the academic importance of the Atelier System for the renewal of figurative art.

In May 2014 the Barcelona Academy of Art was recognized by Art Renewal Center as an international arts education center of the traditional methodologies.


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