The Barcelona Academy of Art helps our students to find accommodation before arriving in the city and/or during their stay in Barcelona. In addition to an accommodation guide, which students can ask for by e-mail, we suggest hostels that may be of interest to prospective students: Free Hostels Barcelona .Freehostels Barcelona

The Barcelona Academy of Art has an agreement with Free Hostels Barcelona for our international students can stay in their facilities at a special price.

Free Hostels Barcelona presents a new concept of accommodation in which art plays a major role because it accompanies you in bed. The facilities combines the practicality of a hostel, with a modern hotel design and a concept oriented towards art. Each of the 9 rooms house large reproductions of illustrations and digital art created by emerging artists. These works do not hang on the walls, but are actually part of each of the resting areas. In other words, the works accompany guests as they rest, relax or sleep.

The selected artists have contributed to each of the spaces with an original piece of art, installed within the spaces where the beds are. On the door of each room, there is the original work, signed by each of the artists, as if it was an art gallery in the hostel itself. Some students of the Barcelona Academy of  Art are the authors of some of the works that decorate the hostel.

Free Hostels Barcelona
C. Londres, 20
T. +34 60 898 16 76

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