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Internal Aids


The Academy of Art in Barcelona offer support for those own intensive program students that exceed the approval of the board of the Academy to perform the tasks specified for economic benefit.

The aid will consist of:

  • exemption from payment of one academic term, or
  • discount on the total tuition fee.

The aid will only be available when the number of students is above 10.

Aplication deadline

The delivery of the completed form will end on August 21, 2015.

Criteria and Conditions

  • The scholarships are valid for one year only and students must reapply in subsequent years.
  • We do not offer full scholarships. Therefore, applicants should ensure that they have reliable access to economic resources to cover any shortfall in funding.
  • Our grants are intended as a contribution to the cost of the course.
  • Scholarships do not contemplate coverage of transport or international debts. We do not contribute to the costs of dependents (partners, children), materials of the academic year or other expenses, including room and board.


At the end of each academic year, the Barcelona Academy of Art will send the scholarship application form to all those students enrolled in an intensive program that request it by email The period to ask for the application form for the academic year 2015-16 will be 20 June to 31 July 2015 (both included). The selected students will be announced between August and September, before the next academic year starts. No form will be sent to students not enrolled in an intensive program.

Decision Management Team

The direction of the Barcelona Academy of Art will contact each selected student to communicate their decision.

The decision of the Barcelona Academy of Art will be irrefutable.

Assessment system

Students will be evaluated according to their financial need, level of dedication to their studies, overall performance, attitude, and willingness to contribute to the community of the   Barcelona Academy of Art positively.

Priority to be given to:

  • Second-year students with excellent academic records.
  • Second-year students with excellent academic records who did not receive a scholarships in the previous year.
  • Students enrolled in a 9 months intensive course.


Providing false information may result in the revocation of the initial decision to the student scholarship. Any student who presents false documents, who makes false statements or who do not disclose any relevant information will not receive any grant this year or in the future.

Any situation not covered by these rules shall be resolved by the Barcelona Art Academy.

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