A student visa allows you to stay and study in Spain, as well as to take part in investigations or trainings, student mobility programs (secondary and high school), benefit from internships or do volunteer work.


The Barcelona Academy of Art, through our International Student Coach scholarship, offers international students a help to make the necessary arrangements before and during their stay in Barcelona (finding accommodation, empadronament, processing the NIE/TIE, application for the public health card, etc.).

Before coming to Spain

Non-EU students should address to the Consulate of Spain in their country of origin and ask for the requirements for student visa application. You can also find this information in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain website. The processing of a student visa must be made directly by the individual and always from their home country (except in cases of renewal or extension of the study period).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain (Madrid), examines the application files, so that the process may take more than one month from the date on which the applicant presents all the paperwork. For this reason we recommend starting the visa application process early enough.

The visa to study in Spain will have a period of validity equal to the duration of the course for which the student has registered.

1. If the studies are less than 90 days, a tourist visa or short-term Schengen visa will be issued, if your nationality requires an entry visa to Spain.

2. If the studies last longer than three months, you must apply for a specific student visa.

Citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are not required any permit or visa to live, study, work or perform other activities in Spain (Art. 44 of Royal Decree 557/2011, of 20 April ). This exemption also applies to family members.

Once in Spain

International students may apply for the NIE [Foreigner Identification Number] or TIE [Foreigner Identification Card] in the corresponding Ofice of Foreign Affairs.

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