Luis Garcia Mozos

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Luis Garcia Mozos is a cartoonist, editor, illustrator and painter, born in Puertollano (Ciudad Real, Spain). Along with other artists of the same generation such as Josep Mary Bea (1942), Felipe Hernández Cava (1953), Carlos Giménez (1941), Fernando Fernández (1940), Enric Sio (1942) and Adolfo Usero (1941), García Mozos participated in the renovation of the Spanish comic scene.

In the late 60s, he shares a studio with Carlos Giménez, Esteban Maroto, Suso Peña and Adolfo Usero, the so-called the Floresta Group working in comics collectively, such as “5 per Infinite” or “Adventures in the jungle”. He also stars in twenty or twenty-five photo-novellas.

In 1966, 1968 and 1970 travels to London, getting in touch with the hippie movement. Since 1971, he publishes horror stories in Warren Publishing magazines.

In 1973 he get to know the model Silke Hummel at a party hosted by Salvador Dali at the Ritz Hotel in Barcelona and he decides to go with her to Paris, where Goscinny hires him to work on The Chronicles of the Nameless, which will feature scripts of Victor Mora for the Pilote magazine.

When he comes back, he rents a small house in Premià de Mar (Barcelona) with Giménez and Usero, forming the group Premiá 3. In March of that same year he received the Warren Prize 1972 (it was delivered late) to the best work as a cartoonist for The Men Who Called Him Monster, published in Creepy No. 43.

In 1975 he began working with writer Felipe Hernández Cava, producing the autobiographical Chicharras (1975) by the time he is living in a commune in Cadaqués (Girona) with Enrique Ventura and Miguel Ángel Nieto.

In 1977 he took part in a European tour to support the release of the self-managed Black Flag magazine, which eventually will become Trocha (later renamed Troy) and where he starts its Ethnocide series.

With his own script, he started Nova-2. In these years, he will travel to Mexico and to New York with Carlos Gimenez and alone to Algeria, before working on Algeria (1981) album, which includes the collaborations of Cava and Usero.

He was a founder, publisher and editor of the Rambla. After its closure, he has primarily devoted to painting.


Portrait session

“Zorn’s palette” by Luis García Mozos (2014).

History of Art Seminar

“Velázquez’ technique” by Luis Garcia Mozos at MEAM (2914).

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