Pau Marinello Cardona

Pau Marinello was born in Barcelona in 1990. He studies art at Pia school where he experiments with painting for the first time. He feels interested in mural painting and therefore he participates in several graffiti exhibitions, obtaining some awards for some of his works in this area. In 2009 he was admitted at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Barcelona) where he focuses on the study of historians and contemporary artists. One day he decides to make a question about painting to one of the professors of the university with the best reputation and he recommends Pau to go to study abroad. So the young artist decided to study at the Florence Academy of Art to learn the fundamentals of drawing to help his work develop under a solid methodology. Nowadays he continues to develop and deepen the knowledge in painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

His paintings are in various private collections all throughout Spain. He recently designed the cover of the 25th anniversary of the newspaper “La Voz”, and has won several art competitions as Humet Saula competition in Calafell, and has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Catalonia. This year 2014 he will participate in a collective exhibition at the MEAM, as he has been selected for the competition ModPortrait ’14.


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