Roser Masip

low professores roser

Doctor in Fine Arts (1994), by the University of Barcelona, Faculty of Fine Arts with the thesis “The painter Francesc d’A.Galí i Fabra. A new pedagogical vision for artistic studies”. Rated “Cum Laude”.

Graduated in Arts and Crafts (1988), at the School of Arts and Crafts “Llotja” of Barcelona, in the specialty of “fire enamel on metal and gold jewelery”. Since 1986 Roser Masip is a Professor of Entry School of Arts and Crafts at “Llotja” of Barcelona. Currently, Roser teaches at Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in the Drawing Department.

She has published several book chapters, books and magazines relating to the scope of research being conducted on the teaching and learning of drawing. She has also presented several papers and presentations at national and international conferences and has contributed as a researcher in Teaching Innovation groups.

She runs certain research programs regarding teaching and learning how to draw, as well as many other topics related to different areas of the drawing process.

Roser teaches annually several Master courses such as the MBA in Fashion Industries (UB), Postgraduate courses such as Live Drawing. Superior Level – Fashion. Goals of drawing in scene clothing and fashion, Faculty of Fine Arts (UB), and monographics related to drawing topics.

Address i Fashion Business Management, UB Faculty of Economics), Masters (drawing from life. Higher – Drawing Functions in Scenic and Costume Fashion, Faculty of Fine Arts, UB) and courses case studies related to various topics related to drawing.

Roser has served as a Member of Law Promotion Committee for the preparation and verification of Title of Degree in Fine Arts (Graduated in Fine Arts) from the University of Barcelona (2008).

She has worked as a researcher in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at MOMA in New York and collaborates with various museums, including the Museum and Documentation Textile Centre in Terrassa (Barcelona).

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