Terra Chapman

low terra estudi

Terra Chapman was born in San Diego, California. At an early age she entered the studio of the Bulgarian artist Dimitar Krustev, from whom she received her first lessons and who encouraged the young prodigy to learn from the classical tradition as the basis and starting point of her paintings. Terra began accepting orders at 12 years old, from portraits to landscape compositions. At 15, she traveled to Italy to study the painting program at the Angel Academy of Art, where she also taught as a professor. After graduation, she started the curriculum at the Florence Academy of Art where she completed her training in 2011. Thereafter, she continued studying in Florence at the Russian Academy of Art, following a completely different academic approach that enriched her knowledge of drawing and classical painting. Throughout her years of academic training, Terra has conducted various shows and exhibitions of her work in several galleries and institutional facilities, including Annigoni Florence Museum and Art Gallery of Lessburg Medlin, Virginia. In 2014 she moved to Barcelona, where she works as a teacher in anatomy (and Écorché), drawing and painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art.


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