During this last six months, MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) has been working in the remodeling of its permanent collection of modern art to give a new perspective to the rooms about this artistic period do important in Catalonia. The exposition is divided in four themed spheres: The Rise of the Modern Artist, Modernism(s), Noucentisme(s), and Art and Civil War.

To take advantage of this restructuring, the museum has decided to bring to light a big quantity of works, near 900, that were until now in the warehouse. Some of this new works correspond to the room that shows the role of academies in the learning of the modern artist through the rigorous study of the nude and anatomy.

In this room are exposed drawings and paintings of artists such as Antoni Fabrés, Antoni Caba or Isidre Nonell, apart from many photographies, technique that would have a big influence on modern artists in their search for a realistic vision against classic idealization.

You can visit the new disposition of modern art permanently. For more information you can visit the museum’s website.