The past month of March a new activity was presented at the BAA, the Cinefórum. The Cinefórum is a space dedicated to the cinema sphere in which participants can educate their perception and familiarize with the seventh art.

Every session counts with the the view of an independent cinema movie or a documentary film in which the interdisciplinariety of cinema with other arts is well exposed.

By now, two films have already been projected such as Drifting Clouds, by Aki Kaurismäki, and Freaks, by Tod Browning. This week is Partie de campagne’s turn, by Jean Renoir, the son of impressionst painter Pierre Auguste Renoir. His paintings are shown in the film to provoke a reflection  about the relationships between the cinema and paintings.


          16/04.”Una partida de campo”, Jean Renoir.                                 23/04. “Dong”, Jia Zhangke.                         30/04. “Hipótesis de un cuadro robado”, Raoul Ruiz.

If you want to spend a nice afternoon of cinema, don’t miss our Cinefórum every Thursday in the Barcelona Academy of Art!