The Easter is near and the Barcelona Academy of Art has organized three new workshops. Each of them lasts for 5 days because they are destined to those who, because of a lack of time, can’t join a longer program at the academy.

The programmed workshops are the following:

Human figure drawing: Drawing is the basic tool for the development of all artistic activity and allows the student to reach a solid technic and theoretical basis. Pencil drawing helps practicing the development of a sketch in which gesture, proportion and precision are analyzed. Also, the charcoal drawing, with a longer duration, allows to go in depth with concepts like chiaroscuro and tonal value.

Urban sketch drawing: The sketch is a quick drawing that  allows the artist to capture an image or an idea as an outline. The workshop is centered on the illustration of the urban environment through different graphic techniques that combine drawing and text. Many walks around the city will be conducted by 5 different instructors.

Anatomic drawing of the human figure: The study of anatomy provides to the artist a deep knowledge of the human figure and helps develop a work closer to realism. The anatomy workshop combines theoretical aspects and exercises with the practical work from a life model.

For more information of the Easter courses, you can visit the web of the academy.