For this summer, the Barcelona Academy of Art has prepared a series of workshops for all kinds of artists that you can’t miss!

Concept Art with Rafater: Digital art course that will focus on the design process of one character with Photoshop. The student will learn to work from imagination creating beings, objects and landscapes.

Sculpture with Grzegorz Gwiazda: The course is centered in the process of making a clay sculpture from a life model. The student will learn to capture proportions, gesture and human figure structure through different observation methods.

Digital sculpture: Digital sculpture course in which the student will learn to build and design characters and objects from imagination. During the course, the materials will be the digital sculpture software, Zbrush, and Photoshop, to work with the color and the final render.

Life Figure Drawing & Painting: Drawing and painting of the life human figure based on the classic tradition. The first part is destined to drawing with pencil and charcoal, and the student will learn to work concepts like block-in, gesture, proportion and precision. There will be a practice on the second part that will be an analytic studio painting.

Landscape oil painting: Landscape workshop based on the figurative tradition of the great masters. The course is focused on the process of building a landscape from different observation methods to learn to capture the essence of the landscape throuth oil painting.

Oil portrait with Luis Garcia Mozos: This subject contemplates a reflection and analysis on the pictorial process of Velázquez through the pigments and procedures he used. During the course, there will be a practice with a life model in which will be applied the concepts.

Urban sketch: In this course, the illustration of the urban environment is the main subject. The student will learn to combine different techniques to capture his surroundings while making its own artist sketchbook. During the course, there will be trips to different interest points of the city to practice the advice of the different artists thatwill teach in the workshop.

For more information on the courses you can visit the academy’s website.