After a long summer, the Barcelona Academy of Art is ready to welcome the 2014-2015 academic year.

During this holidays months, the BAA installations have been set up so as to receive the new students that are joining for their first year and for the new activities that will be carried out by the the students that are specializing in their second year.

In this way, the academy will count this year with two model rooms for drawing and painting, one sculpture area, two drawing areas, and an individualized spaces area where students develop their work.

The past first and second of October the presentations for the new students took place and there they saw first hand the Sight-Size method, the new areas, and the teachers that will give the lessons.

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As a main novelty, three new teachers are joining the teaching staff and they will expand the Academy’s artistic diversity. This three teachers are Leigh Kaplan, who give the painting lessons, Pau Marinello, who currently is finishing his studies at the BAA, and will carry out the task of teacher for the first year students, and David Masson, who will be in charge of the digital art subjects. To read more about their artistic work, you can click their names.