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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our artistic staff!

Let us explain in 3 steps how the process of selecting the models at the Barcelona Academy of Art works:


Once we receive an application form, the person from the Administration Department who is responsible for the management of the artistic models checks all the data provided in it.


If all the documents are correct, we will contact the candidate by email with an appointment for a tour of the Academy. The tours are conducted by the person of the Department of Administration in charge of the management of artistic models with a group of 5-8 models. On this tour, we will: 

  • show you the BAA facilities
  • explain how the human figure and portrait sessions work
  • give all the details necessary on labor conditions


Once we have explained all the details, if the candidate agrees with the labor conditions and if the model’s profile fits the needs for the academic term, the person responsible for the management of the artistic models will take into account the availability specified on the application form and send a proposition for the sessions.

¿Are you ready? Let’s go!

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