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Briefly explain your professional career relating to artistic modelling. Don't forget to mention any physical semi-professional or professional activity you have done that could be related to the knowledge of the body.


Let us know what is your availability until the end of the academic year (if you can) [October to June].

DNI/passport, NIE or TIE

To work as a model at the Barcelona Academy of Art it is necessary to have all legal documentation in order. For international models, we will require a NIE or TIE number.

* Maximum 6mb. Formats: pdf, jpg, png, zip, rar.


Please, send us 3-4 full body photographs in a bathing suit (no nudes).

* Maximum 10MB. Formats: pdf, jpg, png, zip, rar.


* Maximum 6MB. Formats: pdf, doc, docx.

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