Regular Courses


A painting must be interpreted as a follow-up of learning the art of drawing. Starting by practicing and experimenting using a grisaille,colors are gradually added, changing from a traditional and limited palette to a customized and complete color one.

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The program is focused on the observation and structured knowledge, to work the ability of judgement and observation precision that the analytical drawing of the human figure provides, and that will be developed through the clay sculpture technique.

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Digital Art and Design

In the entertainment industry, digital artists must have extensive knowledge on traditional techniques to help them increase their digital production quality.

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Barcelona Residency of Art

The Barcelona Academy of Art offers local and foreign students the opportunity to start their career in a studio or workshop where they will acquire the necessary knowledge that will support their initiation in the artistic and cultural market.

Art Residency Program

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Weekend Courses


An écorché is a drawing, painting and sculpture exercise of the human figure that shows the body muscles without their skin and subcutaneous fat, making the bones and muscles visible.

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Human Figure Drawing and Painting

Students work with the same model, who remains in the same pose during the eleven weeks of the academic semester, for students to have enough time to accurately observe and understand the complexity of the nude human figure.

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BAA Junior

This learning method allows children and adolescents to explore ideas and concepts while receiving highly specialized training, increasing their graphic and plastic art skills.

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Intensive Courses

Easter Week

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