Creativity and Critical Thinking

The goal of the subject is to foster the use of creativity amongst BAA students as a tool, both for their work and personal life; and increase their self-confidence and capacity to think critically.

The class will focus on giving students space and tools to free their minds from pressure and push them beyond what’s written, what’s known to be right, what’s established. Through constantly throwing them out of their comfort zone, we’ll aim to sparkle their creativity to help them define themselves as artists on their own terms and find their personal voice. We’ll also introduce them to new technologies so as to broaden their spectrum of possibilities and encourage them to use them for their art as an exploration tool.

This is an elective subject open to all the students of the Academy. It will be a practical and experiential subject and it might include some optional extra-hour assignments to turn creative thinking into an habit. The instructor will prepare activities to be done at class where students will have the opportunity to test their creativity skills and challenged to redefine “reality” in their own terms. We’ll also have guests speakers who are innovating in the field of art and media so as to expose students to new stimulus and perspectives.


  • Create a free-pressure space for students to explore and let their creativity flow.
  • To challenge their beliefs and exercise their creativity skills to foster its use as a tool, both in their work and their personal life.
  • To learn to argument and defend an idea and interpret reality on their own terms.
  • To foment the team work and the co-creation.
  • To come up with new and innovative projects to challenge their skills.
  • To introduce students to new technologies and trends so as to be used as new mediums of expression or experimental tools.



Fall – Winter – Spring Terms


Fridays from 4:15 to 5:45pm




Marta Ordeig

Marta Ordeig

Creativity Professor

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