Long Pose Drawing and Painting

The drawing of the human figure is an essential part of the study program of the Barcelona Academy of Art. The students dedicate half of the day to the observation and study of the human figure, using the Sight-Size method.

The Long Pose exercise allows the student to observe the model with precision to analyse and deeply understand his figure. This exercise also allows the student to acquire the necessary knowledge to know how to choose what information is more important when drawing shorter poses.

The Long Pose is a 3-hour exercise (in 6 poses of 25 minutes), in which you work with the same model for 2, 3 or 5 consecutive weeks. The model is always located in the same position, and the student always works from the same easel until the end of the term.

Working with charcoals of different hardness allows the student to study the masses with a wide range of values ​​in order to achieve a naturalistic representation of the figure.


It is not possible to register the Long Pose painting exercises without having first completed the drawing exercises.

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