Still-Life Drawing and Painting

Following the exercises included in the Cours de Dessin, by Charles Bargue, in collaboration with Jean-Léon Gérôme, the students of this program begin their studies by drawing the plates and casts of the great classical masters.

The Sight-Size method is a useful tool in the initial phases of the program to introduce the students in the taking of measurements, the study of proportions, gesture, shapes and the detection of the shadow line [or shadow shape] As the student progresses in the program, he/she will have to work on taking measurements by comparison whenever necessary. With the study of the contours, the student acquires a high level of precision along with an ability to simplify the figure with a few lines, to gradually approach the complete representation of the form. The charcoal allows to work with precision and acquire a great knowledge of the values. To introduce these concepts, the tones are reduced to masses and three tones are highlighted: light, medium and shadow, to demonstrate how the patterns of light and shade reveal the forms. This deep knowledge of the gradations of values ​​is the indispensable preparation for the student who wants to start painting.


The Still-Life course includes the following exercises:


The exercises of the Still Life course | traditional and digital are presented chronologically from left to right: the student will start the course by working on the traditional Bargue sheet drawing and, once all the exercises have been passed, will advance towards the same exercise in digital. The last digital drawing exercise with casts will implement grisaille and cast painting and will be completed with traditional still life painting exercises, and digital still life projects.

Bargue Plates

Cast Drawing and Painting

Still-life Painting

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