Human Figure Drawing [Sculpture]

The drawing of the human figure is an essential part of the study program of the Barcelona Academy of Art.

Sculpture is basically drawing in space, so the student must first learn the concepts of gesture and proportion and know how to observe precisely what he sees and then translate it into a volumetric work. It is essential that students integrate the method behind the drawing program to understand the sculpture methodology at the BAA.

Only when the student manages to make a drawing  with all the right values and transitions, will he be able to understand the variety of forms, movements and subtleties that exist in a human figure from all points of view.

The methodology used helps the student feel safe before performing each step, so each decision that he/she takes throughout the sculptural process will be the right one. This allows the student to have confidence regarding the technique that is used.

Through the training of visual analysis the student will be able to accurately represent what he sees and, consequently, have a greater control of his/her work. Once this skill is acquired, the artist will be free to decide how to represent reality, that is, to choose his own artistic language.


The Human Figure Drawing [Sculpture] course includes the following exercises:

Long Pose Drawing

Pencil Drawing

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