Evening Sculpture Studies

In this Seminar, the student will be working on sculpture studies with a live model. Each session will last for two hours. The exercise will be modelled in clay.

There will be a different model each session, so the students will have the opportunity and responsibility for the pose of the model, provided that the model and the teacher give their approval.


The material used for this exercise will be white clay on a metal support that students have to make themselves the first day of class.

The exercises will be about 30 cm high and a new one will be started every two weeks or every week, depending on the exercise.


During Long Pose exercises, the student is given the opportunity to work on large-scale projects in which he/she must be meticulous and precise.

However, many times, during this process, the student gets so absorbed by so many technical aspects of the work that he/she loses perspective and forgets the reason for that particular pose. It becomes very difficult to take a step back and make great changes in the composition and the gesture for fear of losing the work already done.

This course aims to encourage the student to be more daring and make faster, basic and important decisions about his/her work and achieve more than the simple copy of the model.

Schedules and Fees


Traditional Program (19th century)

Evening Sculpture Studies

  • Tuesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

The price of the full-time modality includes this seminar.

2.640/1 term

3 months

  • 352 hours
  • +88 optional hours

5.280/2 terms

6 months

  • 704 hours
  • +176 optional hours


Evening Sculpture Studies

  • Tuesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

from 375/1 day

3 months

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