Human Figure Modeling

The course is focused on mastering tridimensionality, the volume in sculpture. During the making of the sculpture, the artist is less focused on the position and light direction but more on the shapes and anatomy accuracy.

When you are working with a nude model, contrapposto postures are more appropriate to get an understanding of the anatomy and variety among relaxed and stressed muscles. The student is to capture the feeling of the posture by taking distance and comparing his/her work with the observation of the model (to scale) in order to accurately adjust the measurements.

The student will first focus on the general impression and accuracy of the measurements and gestures before going into the modeling of shapes and other details. In order to do that, calibrators are used to measure, and tools such as chopsticks or other useful elements are used to indicate important reference points to relay on and help finish building the figure. The first step is to see the relationship between the box (pelvic) and the egg (rib cage).

An important part when creating a sculpture is its internal structure. The student, starting on his/her second year, will learn how to build the internal structure of the exercise to be completed.

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