Animal Dynamics

During the workshop ‘Animal Dynamics – from sketch to clay’, participants will learn how to develop an animal sculpture in a realistic and expressive way from analysing and sketching the animal in movement first.

The first two days will be dedicated to sketching from the live model covering speed sketching techniques from the moving subject (most probably a parrot or macaw) whilst also looking at animal anatomy and feather formation/muscle tone.

The following three days will be spent in the studio using the students life sketches to create a dynamic animal/bird portrait sketch.

David Cemmick was born in County Durham in 1955. A passion for wild places and the creatures that inhabit them has driven David’s creativity and inspiration for the past fourty years. Drawing animals ‘en plein air’ in Kenya, Madagascar, Jamaica, India and New Zealand has informed his wildlife image making and bronze sculpture.

Brought up in the North East of England, he trained in animal anatomy before becoming a professional wildlife artist in 1975. Television appearances and conservation work with botanist Prof. David Bellamy molded his early career and his first two books documented the ground breaking conservation work of the New Zealand Wildlife Service and their success in bringing the Kakapo Parrot and the Black Robin, back from the brink of extinction.

For four years he held the post of Senior Lecturer in Environmental Illustration at the University of Sunderland before re-kinding his freelance career to pursue his passion for sculpture. In 2005, he formed Cemmick and Wylder , a company dedicated to turning David’s wax sculptures into limited edition foundry bronzes. In 2013, Her Majesty the Queen presented one of David’s sculptures as a personal gift to the President of the United Arab Emirates.



  • A3 sketch pad for life drawing
  • 2B or softer pencils or a ball point pen
  • Spatula for molding
  • Large wooden spatula
  • Spray bottle (to keep the mud wet)
  • Plastic bags (to cover the sculptures)
  • Any other material for the sculptural work that you already have.


15-19 July 2019


9:30 – 15h


BAA Poblenou



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David Cemmick

David Cemmick



Del 15 al 19 de julio, 2019



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