Human Figure Sculpture

There are unknown forces in nature; when we totally submit to them, without reserves, they hand themselves over; they show us the forms that our eyes do not see, that our intelligence does not understand or perceive.

François-Auguste Rodin

Working from a live model is essential to understand the structure and gesture of the human figure and train our observation skills according to classical-academic methodologies. The modeling of the human figure provides a solid sculptural base, focusing on the development of basic craft skills

This course is an introduction to figurative sculpture. When working with live models in contrapposto, we learn to interpret nature with traditional techniques. We start by learning how to set up the model and pay attention to subtle changes in the pose. Contrapposto poses are best suited to get an understanding of anatomy and variety between relaxed and tense muscles.

After the introduction to the academic techniques of the modeling of the human figure, we will begin to sculpt a figure to 1/2 life size by using an additive method, where we will slowly build the shapes. We will observe the model from a distance and focus on the general impression and the accuracy of the proportions and the gesture, before moving towards modeling forms and other details. The first step will be to capture the relationship between the box (pelvis) and the egg (the rib cage).


  • Understand the complexities of form in space.
  • Develop an optimal capacity of visual precision, through the use of observation and structural knowledge.
  • Learn to be self-critical with one’s own work.


6-17 July, 2020

3-14 August, 2020








B6HardwoodModellingTool B7HardwoodModellingTool B8HardwoodModellingTool

NOTE: All modeling tools are available at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

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6-17 July | 3-14 August

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