Oil Portrait Workshop

Oil Portrait Workshop with BAA teachers. The workshop in July will be taught by Painting Program Director Gerard Castellví

During two weeks, students will work with portrait models using oil paint. The attention will be concentrated on the posture and lighting of the model, establishing an harmonious composition with the gesture and mood of the model. The aim is to achieve a convincing representation of the portrayed person.


  • Develop the observation skills and technical capacity of the student.
  • Develop and apply critical thinking in portrait projects.
  • Inspire, develop and demonstrate the visual intention while painting the portrait, with a clothed figure.
  • Renew and expand the visual vocabulary of the student.



6-10 | 13-17 July, 2020

3-9 | 10-14 August, 2020


9:30 to 15h




  • Professor
  • Prices
  • Registrations
Gerard Castellví Gascó

Gerard Castellví Gascó

Director Painting Program


One week

  • 25 hours

NOTE: New students will not be able to register only the portrait painting course without having previously done a portrait drawing course at the BAA. Only those students who already know the academic method will be able to register the painting course independently.



  • Applications are only accepted online [forms on the websites of each course].
  • Places will be assigned following a strict order of received applications.
  • When the groups are full, extra applications received will be part of the reservation list.

Payment method

  • Once a student is admitted, he/she will be asked to confirm his/her place with a non- refundable deposit (via bank transfer) equivalent to 10% of the total course amount.
  • The rest of the registration fee should be paid on the dates indicated in the enrolment confirmation email.
  • Should the student fail to pay the corresponding amount on the dates indicated, his/her place will automatically be available for a student in the waiting list.

IMPORTANT: As a general rule, no refunds are allowed except in cases of extreme gravity or urgency. In such cases, the student may be required to present the necessary documentation to certify that what he / she communicates is true. The Committee will evaluate each situation and the Administration Department will communicate the final decision to the student. This decision will be final and unappealable.

In any case, the student will assume an amount to be confirmed by the administration department in terms of fees, which will generally correspond to 10% of the amount pertaining to the canceled period.

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