Composition, Perception and Abstraction

In Composition, Perception and Abstraction, pictorial techniques come in second to allow the essence of designing to take place. Once the technique is left behind, we discover composition elements that describe an image’s character. This course invites students to find different and possible solutions to overcome composition challenges by doing individual and group exercises, where the groups share their points of view on the results obtained.


The classes are made of a series of very dynamic exercises, sometimes racing against the clock, that are based on challenges that want to take the students away from their comfort zone.


Through different exercises, the student will develop his/her perception skills in front of a subject.


From different studies of classic and contemporary works, we will discover the elements that define their visual impression, leaving aside any technical and formal analysis of the pieces. In this way we will understand that any element in the image, however secondary it may seem, has a fundamental role in the structure.


Through exercises based on abstraction, we seek to break with the rigidity and absolute control acquired during the academic program. This course aims to make the student discover more intuitive aspects of oneself, where accidents present us with new plastic resources and open new paths in the painting process.


  • Discover new ways to observe and visually analyse a setting.
  • Break free from strictness.
  • Be able to come up with creative compositions and understand an image’s structure.
  • Apply new art resources into painting.
  • Leave the comfort zone.
  • Start debates among students to find new levels of awareness in their paintings.



Winter Term


Fridays from 10 to 13h


BAA Poblenou





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Gerard Castellví Gascó

Gerard Castellví Gascó

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