Constructive Drawing

From the Classicism of the Renaissance to the Naturalism of the 19th century, artists have gradually abandoned the Platonic conception of form and replaced it with a naturalistic approach based on observation. Art imitates nature as much as an ideal, archetypal model. Starting from the historical perspective, we will study the origins and philosophical background of this transformation and how the model becomes a construction.

The classes will be theoretical-practical. To begin with, we will focus on the “ideal form” of construction on the specific character of the subject, progressively approaching a more naturalistic vision. Schemes and anchor points will be studied to assist the analytical process of observation.


  • Visualise complex shapes in simple masses.
  • Master the gesture, proportions, tone and positioning of the figure in space.
  • Understand how the anatomical structure and the muscular form affect the surface of the body.
  • Understand the form beyond the visual effect.
  • Develop the ability to conceptualise the human figure as articulations of planes in space.



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Martín Barbero

Martín Barbero


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