BAA Junior

What is BAA Junior?

Learning the academic method will allow children and adolescents to explore ideas or artistic concepts while receiving highly specialised training that will allow them to increase their visual and graphic skills. As a learning activity, it can help the student improve in other educational areas such as language, music, social studies, science, mathematics, health and nutrition.

Working on an activity individually will equip the young artists with confidence in their abilities to make their own decisions and choices, a quality that will be of great help to them throughout their life and professional career.

BAA Junior is for:

Students from 10 to 17 years old who want to be introduced to the academic method adapted to their age group.


Our main objective is that young people enjoy a program of artistic studies, in order to improve their global spatial understanding, consolidate new methods of observation applied to their artistic creations and develop a capacity and taste for the aesthetic.

We want to encourage students to work autonomously, making decisions and little by little, developing their self-critical capacity.


Through the academic method, we will work on concepts of structure, anatomy, light, shape, finish, color and use of materials. We will put an emphasis on working on drawing as a foundation of any artistic development. In this process, the objectives of each learning stage will be adapted to the abilities of the students individually.

These ages are ideal for an initiation to this discipline, when the talent emerges with strength and character.  It is the perfect opportunity for the student to start their artistic immertion in a pleasant environment, surrounded of stimuli and through a structured program.

Through the activities we will carry out, we will reinforce creativity, perception, order, discipline, imagination, teamwork, respect and commitment through different graphic techniques and focusing on drawing, painting, and sculpture.


Minimum of students: 6
Maximum of students: 10


Saturdays from 10:30 to 12:30h

  • Professors
  • Prices
  • Registrations

285/1 term

3 months

  • 22 hours

546/2 terms

6 months

  • 44 hours


Registrations are open all year, and we admit new students at the beginning of each term.


  • Students may join at the beginning of a term [October-January-March].
  • Applications will only be accepted online.

Payment system

  • All payments are to be made by bank transfer to the account number specified in the confirmation email.
  • Once the student is admitted, you will be asked to confirm the booking through the payment of a non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit corresponds to 10% of the total of the course.
  • The rest of the enrolment must be paid within the dates specified in the confirmation email at the rate of one payment per trimestre, and always in advance. In case of not paying the non-refundable deposit, the place will be automatically available for another student.
  • Students may request a refund (except the amount of the non-refundable deposit) that will be resolved in accordance with the school’s internal policy.
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