Human Figure: Drawing and Painting

The drawing of the human figure is the backbone of the Sight-Size method that we use at the Barcelona Academy of Art.

On Saturdays morning, during the Drawing and Painting of the Human Figure sessions, the model will maintain the same pose during the eleven weeks that make up an academic trimestre. This way, students have enough time to accurately observe and understand the complexity of the human figure au naturel.



Fall, Winter and Spring Terms


Saturdays from 10:30 to 13:30h.





Initial Projects:

  • HB pencils. Also recommended B and 2H.
  • Charcoal of different hardness (hard, medium, soft). [Nitram (H, HB, B), for example].
  • Plumb line (a thin rope or fishing line with a small weight tied at one end).
  • Fine/medium sandpaper to sharpen the pencils.
  • Sandpaper sponge to sharpen the charcoals.
  • Thick adhesive tape.
  • Kneadable eraser [Faber-Castell, for example].
  • Roma Paper, neutral tone (white) or Arches.
  • Canson paper DIN-A4.

Advanced Projects:

  • Creta white [Faber-Castell, for example].
  • Watercolor Arches cold press paper 300g toned with Winsor & Newton ink (to achieve a warm gray) or Fabriano paper | Roma gray.

Ask for more information on materials for oil painting projects.

  • Professor
  • Prices
  • Registrations
Adrià Llarch Juanet

Adrià Llarch Juanet


399/1 term

3 months

  • 33 hours

798/2 terms

6 months

  • 66 hours



Registrations are open all year, and we admit new students at the beginning of each term. Depending on the trimestre in which the students wish to join, there are different closing dates for registration. The minimum enrolment time is always one term, and from there, each student can renew their registration for one or more terms. Students can pursue their studies on a continuous basis, or choose to space their registrations.


  • Students may join at the beginning of a term [October-January-March]. See school calendar.
  • Applications will only be accepted online [form available at the bottom of this section, and in the upper left margin of the course page] or by filling out the form in the Academy itself.
  • For the admission process, all applications received before the end date will be taken into account, even if the student has not received an immediate response after the application was sent. Applications received after the deadline will be placed in the waiting list for the requested trimestre.
  • In the eventuality that there is no free places in the requested trimestre, the application will automatically be moved to the next term.
  • Due dates for submitting applications:

Fall term: July 10
Winter term: November 30
Spring term: February 28

Payment system

  • All payments are to be made by bank transfer to the account number specified in the confirmation email.
  • Once the student is admitted, you will be asked to confirm the booking through the payment of a non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit corresponds to 10% of the total of the course.
  • The rest of the enrolment must be paid within the dates specified in the confirmation email at the rate of one payment per trimestre, and always in advance. In case of not paying the non-refundable deposit, the place will be automatically available for another student.
  • Students may request a refund (except the amount of the non-refundable deposit) that will be resolved in accordance with the school’s internal policy.
  • Any change applied once the student’s place is confirmed will involve the payment of an administrative fee.
  • Long periods of unjustified absence do not entail the reimbursement of the amount of the course.

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