Ellen Marie Moysons

Since finishing high school in 2012, Ellen Marie’s life has taken many different directions: from business school to the Art Academy of Belgium, her country of birth. Both schools could not meet her concerns and needs. The Art Academy focused mainly on working on the concept and research, but seemed to forget to teach how to execute ideas. After completing and successfully passing the first year of studies, she concluded that she had not acquired many technical skills or expanded her knowledge of new materials. Since her main means are drawing and painting, Ellen Marie wanted to perfect her technical drawing skills before she could start working on concepts. So after leaving the Art Academy, she took half a sabbatical, and went to a Buddhist monastery in Thailand to meditate, she did an internship with two artists in Rotterdam and travelled with a group of shamans. After experiencing this freedom for a good period of time, she faced the lack of a vital purpose. This confrontation made her realise that it was time to learn and absorb knowledge. Her art until then had always revolved around movement, organic forms and the human body. To move forward she needed to learn discipline and improve her drawing techniques, particularly in relation to the human body. The training she received in the intensive painting and drawing program at the Barcelona Academy of Art seems to have perfectly satisfied her expectations to develop her professional career.

Ellen Marie is currently a teacher in the Drawing program at the Barcelona Academy of Art.


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