Valentina Zlatarova


Valentina Zlatarova was born in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). After expressing her interest in art from an early age, Valentina began her formal artistic education at the age of 13 at the Tzanko Lavrenov art school in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). After her graduation in 2004, she grew interested in figurative sculpture and entered the Florence Academy of Art, where she studied drawing, painting and sculpture, and where she later became a teacher in the drawing program. In 2007, Valentina established herself as a professional sculptor in London, and won the Founders’ Sculpture Award and was twice winner of the Tiranti Prize for sculptural portraiture. From 2008 until 2012, Valentina also worked as a principal instructor of drawing and sculpture at the London Atelier of Figurative Art in London. Valentina’s work is regularly exhibited in public and in private collections around the world.

Currently, she works as a teacher in the Sculpture program at the Barcelona Academy of Art.


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