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BAA a l’exposició “El paper de l’art”

During these days, the BAA is preparing for “El paper de l’Art”, a collective macro-exhibition of 20 art gallery in the city of Barcelona. The exhibition focuses on the role of paper as an artistic medium (original work, prints, photography, etc.) as well as the work performed by professionals of the art world. The event offers the public the chance to meet each of the 20 exhibitions where they may find works dating from the sixteenth century to the present, with prices ranges from 100 to 90,000€. Barcelona Academy of Art, thanks to MEAM, will present the works of students from 29 April to 7 June in the museum space converted into a gallery for the event. If you want to know more about ...

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Christmas Holidays at the BAA

Last week, the lessons for the first term at the Barcelona Academy of Art got to their end, and after three months of work come the well-deserved Christmas holidays. The Academy will be closed for two weeks to prepare new spaces such as a portrait room. We wish you happy holidays from the BAA. See you the 7th of January!  

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News from the BAA

The Barcelona Academy of Art keeps working to offer a program of study as complete as possible for students. To this end, the academy has incorporated a new subject, Copy of great masters, that complements the anatomy lessons tauht by the teacher Terra Chapman. In this subject, students practise the study of the human figure by studying and copying drawings made by classic artists. This kind of exercice aims to work new methods of observation external to the sight-size, and to learn to analyse the expressive language of the different artists. In addition to this new subject and as we informed in advance this holidays, the academy counts with a new portrait room in which students can practise with live ...

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Saturdays of portrait at Parisii Bistrot

Two Saturdays per month, some BAA students with anybody that wants to have a good time meet to enjoy an evening of portrait with live model in the Parisii Bistrot. Sessions go on for three hours with shifts every 25 minutes and cost 10 euros that include the fees for the model, a drink, paper and pencil. If the participant wishes to, can bring its own material, for example to make a painting alla prima. Every weekend the model varies and the setup (pose and illumination) is based in those of XIXth century ateliers. If you like painting and drawing and you want to spend a nice Saturday in an unbeatable athmosphere, don’t hesitate to join the portrait sessions in Parisii Bistrot, carrer Aribau, 31, ground floor, Barcelona. For more information, you can find the ...

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The Pixar exhibition arrives to Barcelona

Last 5 of February was the inauguration of The Pixar Art Exhibition. 25 Years of Animation in Barcelona. After being held in cities like Madrid or New York, CaixaForum has brought to Barcelona a fundamental exhibition for all the lovers of digital animation, and essentially for those who enjoy the shorts and filmsmade by Pixar. The Pixar Art Exhibition. 25 Years of Animation presents a tour on the evolution of the company from its begginings in the animation sector with its debut on the big screen with Toy Story (1995), the first animation movie entirely made by computer, to its last creations like Brave (2012) and Monsters University (2013). The exhibition is divided in different rooms in which the visitor can ...

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New workshops during the Easter

The Easter is near and the Barcelona Academy of Art has organized three new workshops. Each of them lasts for 5 days because they are destined to those who, because of a lack of time, can’t join a longer program at the academy. The programmed workshops are the following: –Human figure drawing: Drawing is the basic tool for the development of all artistic activity and allows the student to reach a solid technic and theoretical basis. Pencil drawing helps practicing the development of a sketch in which gesture, proportion and precision are analyzed. Also, the charcoal drawing, with a longer duration, allows to go in depth with concepts like chiaroscuro and tonal value. –Urban sketch drawing: The sketch is a quick ...

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Experience the presence of painting in the cinema at BAA’s Cinefórum

The past month of March a new activity was presented at the BAA, the Cinefórum. The Cinefórum is a space dedicated to the cinema sphere in which participants can educate their perception and familiarize with the seventh art. Every session counts with the the view of an independent cinema movie or a documentary film in which the interdisciplinariety of cinema with other arts is well exposed. By now, two films have already been projected such as Drifting Clouds, by Aki Kaurismäki, and Freaks, by Tod Browning. This week is Partie de campagne’s turn, by Jean Renoir, the son of impressionst painter Pierre Auguste Renoir. His paintings are shown in the film to provoke a reflection  about the relationships between the cinema ...

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Summer workshops at the Academy

For this summer, the Barcelona Academy of Art has prepared a series of workshops for all kinds of artists that you can’t miss! Concept Art with Rafater: Digital art course that will focus on the design process of one character with Photoshop. The student will learn to work from imagination creating beings, objects and landscapes. Sculpture with Grzegorz Gwiazda: The course is centered in the process of making a clay sculpture from a life model. The student will learn to capture proportions, gesture and human figure structure through different observation methods. Digital sculpture: Digital sculpture course in which the student will learn to build and design characters and objects from imagination. During the course, the materials will be the digital ...

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b’Ars’15 is comming!

This next June will take place the second edition of b’Ars, Barcelona Arts& VFX Fair, a fair that is specialized in art end visual effects that unites the best creative talents in a casual and enjoyable way. For this 2015, the fair directed by Felix Balbas, VFX artist and MinimoVFX co-founder, will be hosted in El Convent dels Àngels and will welcome commemorative exhibition of the 25 years of Grangel Studio. The exhibition will include 100 works that show the trajectory of this studio specialised in the creation and development of styles and characters for animation cinema, where Dreamworks productions such as The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado or How to Train Your Dragon among others have ...

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