BAA Poblenou

BAA Poblenou is located in a 1000 square meters space distributed on two floors.

Main Floor

From the main entrance, we access the school reception. From there, we can access the gallery where are presented samples of drawings, paintings and sculptures from students and teachers. This exhibition space allows visitors to exchange views and opinions with the artists behind each work and get to know their techniques and inspirations.

From the entrance, we can also access the Sculpture room, visible from the main window on Ciutat de Granada street. After the gallery and the Sculpture room, the students’ studios are located. They are used for the Still-life Program. From the corridor on the right, we find the Model Rooms, where the students work on Human Figure exercises (Long Pose, Pencil Drawing). At the end of the corridor, we can find an area to dye paper, the Multimedia room for theoretical classes and the kitchen, a meeting place for all the students of the school at lunchtime and during breaks.

The staff office is located up the stairs on the right side of the reception.

First Floor

From the ground floor, the stairs lead directly to the first floor of the school. Once there, we can find another exhibition gallery with drawings, paintings and sculptures by students and teachers.

In front of the studio of the school Director, the painter Jordi Diaz Alamà, there is one area dedicated to the Digital Art & Design program and another one to part-time students .

Following the main corridor, we can find the studios for the Advanced Painting Program, delimited with panels of natural wood. Right in front of them, two other Model Rooms for Human Figure exercises.


BAA Poblenou is the administrative headquarters of the BAA, and its facilities also host the following courses:

  • full time Drawing | Sculpture
  • full time Drawing | Digital art
  • full time Drawing | Painting
  • part time (all itineraries)
  • BAA Junior


BAA Poblenou belongs to the Sant Martí district.



The Sant Martí district is formed by 10 neighborhoods:

  • El Besòs i El Maresme
  • El Clot
  • El Camp de L’arpa Del Clot
  • Diagonal Mar-Front Marítim del Poblenou
  • El Parc i La Llacuna del Poblenou
  • El Poblenou
  • Provençals del Poblenou
  • Sant Martí de Provençals
  • La Verneda i La Pau
  • La Vila Olímpica del Poblenou


Ciudad de Granada, 34
08005 Barcelona

Visit the facilities

From March 2016, BAA Poblenou is a member of Poblenou Urban District.


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