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The European Museum of Modern Art is the first museum exclusively dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of art based on contemporary figuration. It belongs to the Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes, whose purpose and objective is the promotion and diffusion of figurative art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The common intention of the MEAM and the BAA is to find a new contemporary language that does not deny tradition but that arises from it to make a leap forward in the new century.

The MEAM is currently located in the Palau Gomis, an old palace of the eighteenth century, which was built by the merchant Gomis in 1792, in the Born district of Barcelona. It is a neighborhood in which culture is always present and where all the charm of the old town is reflected, an area that has managed to unite tradition and modernity and that has become a must for tourists interested in monumental Barcelona and art in general.

MEAM differs from other contemporary art museums by supporting artists who practice figurative art. These works are not usually exhibited in other museums, collections of foundations or institutions are more dedicated to abstractions, for which the concept of contemporaneity is more identified with experimentation, abstraction, video art, etc. The museum presents an extensive collection of contemporary figurative painting and sculpture, which includes more than 300 large-scale works by living artists, who have made their work in the 21st century.

Joining forces with MEAM, we created a link for the development of joint exhibitions and links with art galleries that will help to promote the work of the school and our students, opening a door to the current art market.

Check out the agenda of concerts of classical and modern music of the MEAM.

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