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Barcelona Academy of Art is the first Spanish school which aims at teaching drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art using a complete curriculum and teaching methods stemming from the classic- realistic tradition. Its methodology originated on the Renaissance and was brought back to life by the main Realistic academic Ateliers of the late 19th century (in particular, by great painters such as Jean-Léon GérômeLéon Bonnat and Carolus-Durán).


Gérôme in his studio. Vía Artists with their works

The Barcelona Academy of Art is addressed to those interested in drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art following the traditional methods , while remaining within the parameters of figuration and realism as a way of representing art. Through practical and comprehensive materials and methods stemming from the nearly forgotten academicism, students will strengthen their knowledge as future artists so as to continue creating contemporary art in our time.

All the works the students create at the school are specific art exercises designed to help them build and master basic skills. These competencies shall provide the students with the necessary tools to express their ideas and visions through a realistic-figurative language and to successfully represent what they see and feel. Our students will be tutored by a team of teachers, who are profesional draftmen, painters, sculptors and digital artists.

Academic Program

The training program offered by the Barcelona Academy of Art has regular programs in drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art, and it is complemented by seminars and Special Courses (Easter and Summer) that will help students to deepen into the learning and development of methods, procedures, approaches and techniques from the very best professionals.

BAA Junior program aims to introduce students between 10 and 17 years old into the academic method, adjusting its procedure to their skills and learning capabilities.

All regular programs can be coursed intensive or part-time.

Jordi Diaz Alamà, Gerard Castellví , Pau Marinel·lo, Sara Stenlund, Joe Altwer, Valentina Zlatarova, Dorian Iten,  Marta Lafuente and Roser Masip, are some of the teachers heading the courses at the Academy.

First year of studies – Drawing


Common to all disciplines at the school, drawing is the backbone of the learning process at Barcelona Academy of Art. Considering drawing as the most important element and starting point of any artistic development, emphasis will be placed on students’ acquisition of a good control and mastery of drawing before they start painting or sculpting.

Sculpture and Digital Art students will follow a specific program specially tailored to this artistic discipline.

More information | Drawing

Second year of studies – Traditional Painting | Traditional Sculpture | Digital Art

Traditional Painting

After acquiring the knowledge and master the drawing techniques, students may choose a discipline in their second year of studies. The Barcelona Academy of Art training program incorporates the new technologies to adapt its methodology to the new trends and careers in the arts field.

Third year of studies - Artistic Residency Program

residency low 2

After completing the intensive two-year program, the BAA offers students (and a handful of external candidates) the opportunity to enroll in our Residency Program, whereby artists will discover themselves and their personal art voice. In addition to receiving continued tutorial guidance in a studio setting, participants will also be introduced to various aspects of the cultural sector.

Studios are located at the BAA’s new Poblenou facility. There, artists will work on personal projects, while receiving the advice from tutors as well as interacting with and learning from professionals from the artistic world: established artists, gallerists and curators, art critics, cultural theorists and more.

The Residency Program seeks to establish a community of figurative artists, thus stregthening the current trend towards contemporary realism, a movement led and supported by the European Museum of Modern Art [MEAM].

More information | Artistic Residency Program

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